About Product

Our eco products are manufactured by the use of natural items which are free from any chemical and plastic waste material. Leaves of areca trees, procured from the reputed vendors to design the plates. Our product are made available in different designs and sizes as well as shapes as per the client’s requirements. Our entire product range is highly durable and reliable in nature and well-tested before the final delivery.


100% Bio Degradable

The leaves of the Areca tree are picked up from the ground. They are originally used to harvest betel nut. The tree is endowed with huge leaves and fronds, which shed and fall to the ground every few weeks. The fallen fronds of the Areca Leaves are collected, soaked in hot water and compressed to a form of a design plate between two hot casts. When the Areca plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure even a bit harder use.

Durable and Versatile

Our Areca dinnerware stands upto hot foods and liquids. Whether you are serving chili or soup, sauses & more.It act as natural insulator doesn’t leak and won’t impart taste. These plates can be used even after 6 months of storage. It is leak proof, resists oil and water.
In looks and functionality the material has wood like qualities. It will durable without bending a greater force, it resists heat and the texture of the leaf offers esthetic and natural looks.

Health & Safety Testing

It is free of chemicals, lacquers, glues, bonding agents. It is natural no chemicals are used at any stage of manufacture,Leak proof, resists oil and water. Resistant to hot and cold.Suitable for hard / liquid food, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Lightweight, Durable, Disposable.Hygienic in nature, Non Odorous, Non Toxic.

Natural production process

The leaves of the Areca tree are picked up from the ground, soaked in hot water and compressed to a form of a design plate between two hot casts. When the plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure even a bit harder use.
The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees. The production process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning the end.

Customized Design

As per the customer requirements, We also design and produce the products in larger scale, with their ideas and designing concepts up to their satisfaction. By giving good quality and finishing.

Unique Properties
The unique properties our products possess in nature cannot be matched to other types of alternative products in the world currently.

Our products are 100% Natural, Bio degradable, Compostable, Oven safe, Water resistant and can hold liquids both Hot & Cold, Freezer safe and more importantly do not react with food or liquid when used.

Areca leaf products are safe in all Microbiological testing (like Plate count within acceptable limit for food contact, No Presence of E-Coli, and no presence of Fungus).

Also the products do not contain any heavy metal and confirmed through laboratory test for each consignment. Additionally our products will pass the Compostable testing.

Renewable source of raw material
The disposable leaf plates are made with leaves/sheath of Areca-nut tree, which is a renewable source. Hence no trees are cut for manufacturing these products.

The Areca-nut trees are grown in hilly areas without any assistance of fertilizers and hence there will not be any trace of pesticides in the leaves.

The sheath which primarily protects the Areca-nut in the tree falls naturally once it is dried. The fallen leaves are collected fresh from the farm and stored properly.

These leaves were cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals/additives used in any of the process. The colors possessed by the areca leaves are natural and have no harm when contact with food.

Quality & Tests

Quality, Tests and Certifications

The Quality of the product is monitored throughout the entire process and ensured that only good products are passing through the final stages and reach the Customer.
Filtering occurs during 1.Leaf Selection | 2.Washing | 3. Before Feeding | 4. After Pressing | 5.Trimming | 6.Cleaning | 7.Pre- Packing& Delivery

Microbiological testing

These tests are carried out in order to access the presence of fungus, E.coli, and assessment of plate count.
The results show the Areca leaf products have no presence of E.coli and clean from any other micro-organisms and safe for food contact.

Presence of heavy metals testing

These tests are carried out in order to find the presence of metals like Iron, Lead, Copper, Zinc, and Aluminium Phosphide.
The results show the heavy metal presence is below detectable level and safe for food contact.

Sensory & Migration Test

These tests are for done in order to assess the products reaction with the food served in it.
The results show that the products passes the test and fit for food contact both dry and liquid foods

Biodegradability and Compostability testing

The Areca leaf products will pass the biodegradability and Compostability testing.